What is a Tilpy 'Story Project' and how does it work?

The world is full of interesting stories
and there's no better way to tell them than by pictures!

By Tilpy photographer Patricia Hita

Tell your story and earn money with it

People are looking for images 1

Tilpy & selected Partners are posting hot photography 'Projects'

People are looking for images 2

Simply browse the 'Story Projects' and submit your most suitable pictures

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Clients around the world buy your pics & you get paid for the sold licenses

By Tilpy photographer Martin Griffett

Stories are awaiting your pictures

Do you agree that the world is full of hot and interesting stories that people want to know about? And that there's no better way to tell them than by pictures? That's why we created the product 'Story Projects'.

Tilpy and selected partners set up picture stories. Think of it as an ongoing story, where each new picture becomes part of the storyline.

We send you a brief that tells you what kind of pictures we are looking for. Such a “Story Project” is not time limited and has therefore no submission deadline.

If you have already the right requested picture on your hard drive, then you can submit it for the licenses you would like to sell the image for. We at Tilpy then try to sell your images to potential clients and make sure that people around the world see you entries.

When a client buys a submission of you, a written and binding license agreement between you and your client will be set up.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Browse projects

By Tilpy photographer Alex Belov

Your harddrive is a goldmine

Share your story with photos you already have

Tilpy’s new product 'Story Project' provides you the opportunity to share photos you have taken in the past on an ongoing hot topic. If you own the rights, your photos are eligible to for such 'Story Projects‘. Tilpy exposes your submissions to the world and tries to sell them for you.

Earn up to thousands of Euros per photo

How much you earn per photo depends on the license types you agree upon when uploading it to a story. It's your free choice, you even can showcase your works to the world without the intention to sell them.

Jury selects best of works

From these “Story Projects” our creative team derives Tilpy Collections, where the best submissions get uniquely featured and promoted.

Entering a Story on Tilpy is a snap

  1. Browse the open projects until you see one you like
  2. Sign in to Tilpy, or create an account for free
  3. Submit your photographs
  4. Wait for a client to buy your photo
  5. Earn from your photos!


  • Everybody can buy submissions on a Story Project
  • Submissions get curated by our creative team
  • Submissions do also get into your marketplace
  • You earn 70% of every single license you sell

Open Projects

Waiting for your submissions

By Tilpy photographer Benjamin Zurbriggen

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