Tilpy goes collaborative. Tilpy is you!


...you have a great story, project, you name it, in mind and you want to visualize it with great photographies. But instead of searching them on the world wide web, the content finds you.

But how? Post your story on Tilpy, activate your network - so does Tilpy too - and photographers from around the world submit their works to your project. And to make sure your story gallery does only get what you want, you have the full control over it by curating every submission yourself.

Now imagine...

...that your story becomes one big marketplace where everybody can license pictures from and where you get from every sold license your share.

When does this crazy stuff takes off? We’re about to set up all of this. For the fine tuning we are reaching out for your feedback, so that it gets as amazing as it sounds.

Does that sounds interesting?

Leave your email and see how a partnership with Tilpy looks like.

By Tilpy photographer Yaopey Yong

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