FAQ for photographers

Setting up a public portfolio

How can I make a public portfolio?

Before setting up your personal portfolio on Tilpy, you have to register as a photographer. To make your profile public, you need to add the following to your profile:

  • a verified email address
  • 10 approved images OR 5 of a specific skill (e.g. sport photography)
  • your location
  • a short biography
  • a motto
  • a profile picture (avatar)
What are the profile images for?

Your portfolio pictures are meant to be only for your self promotion and aren’t available for to be sold.

What are the image properties for a portfolio picture?

Format: JPG (RGB)

Size: max. 5MB

Resolution: at least 1024px the longer dimension

How many portfolio images can I upload?

There is no limit to the number of images you can upload, as long they meet the requirements.

I uploaded some images, but I can’t see them. What happened to them?

Every portfolio image on Tilpy has been reviewed by our creative team. Once your image has been approved and your portfolio is live, it will be publicly visible.

How do I get a skill filter on my public profile?

Clients can filter professional photographers on Tilpy by their skills. To add a skill to your profile so you appear in the filtered results, upload at least 5 pictures of one skill (like sport photography). Once you have at least 5 approved pictures for a skill, it will be added to your profile.

Submitting images to a contest

How can I participate in a contest?

To participate in a contest you first need to be registered as a photographer on Tilpy. Important: You don’t need to have a public portfolio to submit images to a contest!

Can I upload images that are available on other sites?

Yes you can, as long the submitted images are not:

  1. available as microstock
  2. restricted through an exclusive permission contract and therefore against the licensing terms the buyer is asking for
Can I upload watermarked images?

No you can’t. Submitted images with a watermark will be rejected. Tilpy adds a watermark to all uploaded images.

How many images can I upload?

There is a limit of 5 submissions per contest.

What are the image requirements?

Format: JPG (RGB)

Size: max. 50MB

Resolution: at least 2800 pixels on the smaller edge @ 300dpi

Which images does the client see?

The client sees all approved images that are uploaded to the contest.

What kind of images does the client has access to?

The client of the contest has access to the watermarked images available within the brief. He also may be want to see how your picture works with their idea in a layout. That’s why Tilpy is offering a low-res watermarked file (600 x 400px @96dpi) to approved clients after they agree to a 30-day ‘pre-comp’ image license agreement.

Can I withdraw images that I have submitted to a contest?

Yes, you can withdraw your submissions by logging into your account and opening the contest you submitted it to.

After the submission deadline

What does it mean if a contest is closed before anyone wins?

Our clients are not obliged to buy a picture from a contest. This might happen if they were not satisfied by any of the submissions. Tilpy verifies all clients and reviews posted contests to maximise the chance of a successful contest.

What happens to the images I submit?

Tilpy promotes and shares your submissions when there is a realistic opportunity to sell your work. Tilpy can submit your submissions to new contest on your behalf. Important: Tilpy will NEVER license one of your Image without your explicit consent!

Selling your images

How much do I earn when I sell a picture?

If one of your submissions wins a contest, you will be paid 70% of the amount specified within the brief.

Can I choose what currency I am paid in?

Tilpy can pay you in the following currencies:

  • Euro
  • U.S. Dollar
  • British Pound
  • Swiss Francs

You can change your preferred currency within your Tilpy account settings.

When and how do I receive the payment?

Your payment will be processed within 40 days of Tilpy receiving the money from the buyer. Depending on your country, you’ll get paid by PayPal or Bankwire.

How does the license work?

If your image is selected by a client, Tilpy generates a binding licensing contract between you and the buyer. See an example licensing agreement here

Legal things

Does copyright apply?

You need to either own the copyright for the image or have permission from the copyright owner(s) to license the image before you upload to the site.

What can I do if my images are being used without my permission?

If this is the case, we ask you to get in contact with us by:

Is Tilpy allowed to use my images?

Yes, but only in a good way. Every now and then, Tilpy may use an image that has been uploaded to the platform for marketing Tilpy. In such cases, we always credit your image with your full name and, whenever possible, link to your Tilpy portfolio. So it’s good marketing for you too!

Do I need a property or model release?

If you participate on a brief and if your images contain identifiable people or trademarks, then you should have model or property releases for them, because most image buyers are looking to license them for commercial use.

We know that this is not always possible, so classify your image submissions under various releases. It is vital that you do not mark images Fully Released if you do not have all necessary releases in place, as you will be legally liable in the event of an infringement.

When you submit an image to a contest, you can select from following release options:

Fully released
Select this option if you have a formal written release from all recognizable people or trademarks within an image. This release is granting you the right to license the image for all commercial purposes.

Release on request
Select this option if you have all contact details for identifiable people or trademarks available so that you can get a formal written release for the intended usage of the contest brief. Please be very sure, you can get the formal written release before submitting your image.

No release available
Select this option if you won’t be able to get formal written releases from identifiable people of trademarks in the submission and if you want to avoid any legal exposure.

No release required
Select this option if you are sure that nothing in your picture requires a formal written release.

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