FAQ for Clients

Creating a contest

What do I need to be able to post a contest on Tilpy?

You just have to be registered as a client on Tilpy. It’s free!

How can I create a contest?

You simply fill out your brief, upload a couple of example pictures to show what you’re looking for, and choose the type of license you want.

How much does it cost to post a contest?

Posting a contest on Tilpy is free. You only pay if you decide to buy an image.

Why isn’t my contest public?

All contests on Tilpy need to be approved by our creative team before they’re published. Once your contest is approved, it will be publicly visible.

Image submission & purchasing

Who submits images to the contests on Tilpy?

Tilpy’s network of professional photographers are deliver high-quality images to meet your requirements. All submissions are reviewed and approved by our creative team, so you can trust that you’ll only receive relevant images.

I don’t like any of the submissions I received. Do I have to buy one?

You are not obligated to award a winner to your contest if you don’t like any of the submissions you received. If you are still looking, you can extend your contest end date to see if you get more submissions.

Can I download previews of the submissions for layout or test purposes?

Yes you can. Tilpy is offering a low-res watermarked preview file (600 x 400px @96dpi). But before you can download it, you have to agree to a 30-day ‘pre-comp’ image license agreement.

Can I cancel a license?

Generally no, but if you haven’t used the image, then contact the licensor and ask for a reimbursement. Unfortunately Tilpy cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed. We are happy to help in this case, just get in contact with us by

Legal things

How does the license work?

If you buy an image, Tilpy generates a binding licensing contract between you and the buyer. See an example licensing agreement here

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