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[ru:Setting up an account or posting a job is free of any charge. Tilpy charges only a service fee for applying on a job or if a job gets successfully booked.]

От Tilpy-фотографа Roland Villars

Сервисный сбор Tilpy

[ru:Setting up an account or posting a job on Tilpy is for free. Tilpy charges only a service fee, if]:

  • Фотографы - [ru:a Professional applies for a job. It‘s only a little fee, to make sure, the right photographers are applying for the job. This service fee is based on a credit system. The amount of credits you have to spend to make an offer for a job is based on the budget the client is proposing.]

  • Клиент - [ru:a job gets successfully contracted. In this case the client has to pay 10% of the agreed job price to Tilpy. These 10% service fee is part of the offer. E.g. the agreed job price is €100, then €10 are going to Tilpy and €90 to the photographers. The €90 has to be transacted directly between client and photographer.]

[ru:Tilpy credit system]

[ru:When a client‘s job looks like a good fit for you, use credits to make an offer.] [ru:We offer credit packages of 10, 50 and 100 credits.] [ru:On the 50 and 100 credit packages we do offer a discount.] [ru:You can purchase credits when you make an offer to a client or when ever you want to.]

1 кредит = 0.23 EUR Rounded exchange rate (Swiss Franc is used as a reference)

[ru:Credit price list]

[ru:How much credits you as a professional have to spend to make an offer for a job, depends on the clients budget.] [ru:You have to spend minimum 4 credits] = 0.92 EUR - [ru:amount based on set currency for a job which has a budget up to] 184.00 EUR .

Бюджет проекта [ru:Credits]
184.00 EUR 4
[ru:each additional] 92.00 EUR +1


  • [ru:For a job budget of 414.00 EUR an amount of 7 credits has to be payed to make an offer.]

  • [ru:If the amount of the job budget is 506.00 EUR , 8 credits have to be payed to make an offer.]

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