Transparent pricing. Always.

Setting up an account or posting a job is free of any charge. Tilpy only charges only a service fee when you make or accept a job offer.

By Tilpy photographer Roland Villars

Tilpy's service fee

Setting up an account or posting a job on Tilpy is always free. Tilpy only charges fees for two things:

  • Photographers - A photographer is charged a fee when they place an offer on a job. This small fee is to ensure that the photographer is committed to the job they're placing the offer on, and is calculated based on the size of the job.

  • Clients - A client is charged a fee when they accept an offer made by a photographer. Tilpy's service charge is equal to 10% of the total job price, and is already included in every offer made on Tilpy. After the fee is paid to Tilpy, the photographer and the client are free to work out their payment independently.

Tilpy's credit system for photographers

When a job looks good to you, use credits to make an offer. Tilpy offers credit packages of 10, 50, and 100 credits. Larger amounts of credits are sold at a discount, so it makes sense to buy them in bulk. You can purchase credits as part of the offer process, or whenever you want.

1 credit = 0.23 EUR Rounded exchange rate (Swiss Franc is used as a reference)

Credit price list

How many credits you need to make an offer depends on the job's budget. The minimum price is 4 credits. = 0.92 EUR - You will always pay 4 credits for a job costing less than 184.00 EUR .

Job budget Credits
184.00 EUR 4
each additional 92.00 EUR +1


  • For a job budget of 414.00 EUR an amount of 7 credits has to be paid to make an offer.

  • If the amount of the job budget is 506.00 EUR , 8 credits have to be paid to make an offer.

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