Tilpy Collection - Closer to God

Picture by: Amar Sitabi

This Tilpy Collection is about great pictures of religious architecture and sacred artefacts from around the world that help the humankind to come closer to God. Whether Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, or whichever religion the image is about, the collection does not stop at any particular confession and treats them equally in a respectful way. The following selection focuses on the quality of the works, rather than on preferring any religion. We at Tilpy believe in tolerance, respect and the free will of individuals. Photography is such a powerful medium to express these fundamental values, as long it is not used in an abusive way.

Picture by: Alexander Polyakov

Enjoy it and share it - all of us who helped to make this collection really deserve it! Thank you so much!

Tilpy Collection - Closer to God


Submit your own 'Closer to God pictures and get featured! This collection keeps growing. So if you also have great works, then do not wait to submit them. Our creative team makes sure this page gets updated with great photographs. We can't wait for your entries!

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