Tilpy meets Zeix

Today we visited Zeix the biggest agency for user-centered design in Switzerland.

Ina Hedwiger (member of the management & user experience architect) and Thomas Ehrat (partner & art director) did like our concept.

We were discussing our business model, our offerings, and what’s good and what could be done better.

A very useful feedback was about the necessity to better communicate possible solutions to our clients.

Likewise we talked about image tagging and how this should be implemented in a wise manner in our system.

Again and again the debate focused on the importance of visual content. Unfortunately, some do not understand yet that a well-thought-out image concept is worth gold and that professionally made visual content is a big sales argument.

A design can be as nice and fancy, if the pictorial world doesn’t match it and is not integrated in it, then it’s not a real advantage.

Zeix supports clients starting from outlining the online strategy to running usability tests to monitoring. So if you are looking for an agency that not only helps you with a nice layout, but also thinks further and knows about the importance of the concept behind a webpage and the user-experience, then Zeix is your right contact.

...and if you are looking for professional visual content, go to Tilpy!

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