Репортаж Дага Смита

составитель - 23.02.2017

[ru:By Tilpy photographer] Doug Smith

Я помню день, когда в списке фотографий на модерацию оказался этот удивительный репортаж Дага Смита. Люди на фото выглядели так, как будто они принадлежат какой-то другой временной эпохе.

Моментально возник миллион вопросов типа "кто эти люди?", "откуда они?" и т.п.

Мне захотелось узнать об этом больше, и чтобы этот репортаж увидели и наши читатели.

Поэтому я спросил у Дага, не мог бы он рассказать нам историю этих людей. К счастью, он любезнейшим образом соглaсился, и вот она перед Вами, наша новая эксклюзивная коллекция о старообрядцах-меннонитах.

"Became fascinated with the Old Order Mennonites in 2012 when I first moved to the Kitchener-Waterloo area in Southern Central Ontario. The images displayed are shot in the areas of Kitchener, Elmira and St. Jacobs. A very unique population of people who I had to document since they tend to shun the modern ways of life and prefer to live a simple life without the modern trappings of what we tend to take for granted. Mennonites are a Christen group started by Menno Simons."
-Doug Smith

"Mennonites of the Old Order tend to live their lives the way their fore fathers did. They are an agricultural people who shun the use of electricity and the use of automobiles.

It’s not unusual to see Old Order Mennonites on the roads around this area since they prefer the use of horse and buggy. On Sunday mornings long streams of horse and buggy can be seen as they make their way to their house of worship."

"Old Order Mennonites meeting houses are simple in construction and lacking adornment. Sunday services consist of a sermon and music plays a big part in their ritual."

"Mennonite men are involved in farming activities while the woman take care of the household. Mennonite woman are well known for quilt making where they sell them at local markets. Farming is still the dominant occupation, many farms are still farmed with the use of horses. Most farms are involved in the growing of fruits and vegetables as well as maple syrup. Roadside stands are found at most entrances of mennonite farms where vegetables, fruits are sold to the locals and markets where sausages, baked goods, eggs and quilts are sold."

"The Old Order of Mennonites dress plain. One gets the impression of people who live a simple lifestyle. They are often referred to as the Plain People. The men dress when going to church (they refer to their place of worship as meeting houses) in black - jackets, pants and black hats. The men are clean shaven. During the week men can be seen in work clothes and during the summer months wearing straw hats."

"The women wear black bonnets over white head coverings, black dresses with white aprons."

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