[ru:By Tilpy photographer] Natasha Chub-Afanasyeva

Наслаждаясь утренним капучино на террасе уютного кафе в любимом сквере и наблюдая за прохожими…

Сидя на скамейке в парке и следя за тем, что случается вокруг...

Гуляя по улицам и запечатлевая момент всеми органами чувств...

Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine, 2015
A dude with a dog and Marlboro

For Tilpy project Your City By Pictures we asked our awesome network of Pro Photographers to share black and white pictures of their beloved cities. Photos that capture the life and moments, which makes these places so exciting, interesting and complete. Pictures that tell stories about cities and where you, the viewer, can dive into their daily life.

So it's all about street photography and within this Tilpy Collection we do want to honour awesome works, which were submitted to the project Your City By Pictures and which, in our humble opinion, transmit a powerful message.

Enjoy it and share it - all of us who helped to make this collection really deserve it! Thank you so much!

Share your City pictures and get featured!

This collection keeps growing. So if you also have great street photography works, then do not wait to submit them so the whole world can see your beloved city. Our creative team makes sure this page gets updated with great photographs. We can't wait for your entries!

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N. Rampart Street, New Orleans, USA, 2010

The best day
Yekaterinburg, Russia. 2014

Street photography is more then just a trendy photography genre. It's about life, it's about moments. Street images are speaking to us in a very emotional way. They give insights, but usually you don't know what's the truth or the actual story behind. It is not about superficial components like forms, shapes, light or even faces. They do help making a street image a success, but they are not the reason for it. You feel it when a street photo is great. Why? Because it touches you! And not because it's arranged in a good way or the light is perfectly caught - it's because it transfers an emotion, a story, an idea, you name it...

Under the spell of music - Oldenburg, Germany, October 2014
At the City Festival in Oldenburg. The rock band "paper grass" is playing.

I own this City - Kaunas, Lithuania, April 2016
Unfaltering stride, unwavered confidence. My first time going north to explore, small backpack and camera in hand. Coming up the stairs from an underpass, I see this man. He stands out, camera has already risen automatically to my eye and he doesn't even flinch as I direct it straight at him and snap off 4 photos (this being the 3rd). This confidence and style is a perfect representation of the people I met in Lithuania during my 1.5 week stay!

East London, England
Traffic Lights

Mexico City, Mexico, 2016
A woman does her make up in the bus on the way to work.

St. Petersburg, Russia
Picture taken on a LUBITEL-166 film camera, a multiple exposure.

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