Closer to God

Published by Roland Villars - 26.01.2017

By Tilpy photographer

This Tilpy Collection is about great pictures of religious architecture and sacred artefacts from around the world that help the humankind to come closer to God. Whether Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, or whichever religion the image is about, the collection does not stop at any particular confession and treats them equally in a respectful way. The following selection focuses on the quality of the works, rather than on preferring any religion. We at Tilpy believe in tolerance, respect and the free will of individuals. Photography is such a powerful medium to express these fundamental values, as long it is not used in an abusive way.

Tilpy thanks all the participants and photographers of the story "Closer to God".

Photo from Vilnius
Vilnius, Lithuania

Church of Soatana, Madagascar, Africa

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This collection keeps growing. So if you also have great and respectful photography works, which are about religious architecture and sacred artefacts from around the world that help the human kind to come closer to God, then do not wait to submit them. They might even have the chance of bringing the different religions (and their adepts) a little bit closer to each other.

Our creative team makes sure that this page gets updated with great photographs. We can't wait for your entries!

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St. Elias Ukrainian Catholic Church
Brampton, Ontaria, Canada - The photo was taken 5 years ago. Two years ago a devastating fire destroyed this church. This past October the church re-opened. The church is located west of Toronto

Holy Mary statue
Acciaroli, Salerno, Campania, Italy, 2011 - Acciaroli is a tiny fishermen village on the Tyrrhenian Sea. At the mouth of its harbor stands a statue of Holy Mary built by the faithful fishermen as a defender of their lives. From the right hand of the statue hang many rosary beads, put there in times of storms and rough sea as a plea to God to make possible for the fishermen to come back safe. The statue is big and the hand is far away from the base, so that is must be difficult to put something there, especially with bad weather.

Birth and baptism of Jesus from patriarchate in İstanbul
Golden Horn/Fatih/İstanbul from Turkey January 2016

Sangre de Christo
Capulin, Southern Colorado, USA - The Sangre de Cristo range looms over the old church at Capulin

Nightly rosary vigil procession
Lourdes, France

The Stupa of Awakenening
Kachkanar, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia - Shad Tchup Ling, the first Buddhist monastery in Ural Region of Russia

A Prayer of Hope
Gondar, Ethiopia, Africa - Jewish Ethiopians in a makeshift synagogue in Gondar, they have only one prayer, to be allowed to live in the holy land of Israel.

Closer to God
Basílica de Santa Luzia, Viana do Castelo, Portugal, May 2016

A giant statue of Jesus as the Divine Mercy
El Salvador, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, 2016 - This towering structure stands 50 feet and is strategically located on a hill overlooking Macalajar Bay. It is found inside the Divine Mercy Shrine which is a nine-hectare land. The shrine was completed in 2008 and this serves as the focal point for the devotees of the Divine Mercy.

Tomb, 'the bereaved'
South cemetery, Leipzig, Germany, 16. September 2016 - There is no better way for me to express grief.

Natarajasana performed in a 6-9th century temple
Ellora Caves, Maharashtra, India - Natarajasana is the pose dedicated to the Lord Shiva dancing his dance of destruction.

While the candle is burning...
Yekaterinburg, Russia, 2015

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